The Slicer



  • Made in cold forged Hitachi ATS314 Cobalt alloy.  6 Stars (★★★★★★)
  • Made in Japan.


Handle: Made in 410 steel. Our new Butterfly handle is actually carved out so the 4 basic hand positions will fit perfectly in this handle.


Blades: Both full convex.


Cutting technique: The perfect slicer.  Sharpened as far down as to 32 degrees (Japanese angle) and with a width of 15 mm, it is by far the best slicer on the market today.  With the Butterfly handle, it has a fantastic leverage which means it takes very little effort to cut and it can actually be used in a very ergonomical way.  Try it and you will never use another scissor for slicing again.   It is also good for point cutting.  This scissor is NOT suitable for blunt cut.


Screw system:  The scissors are fitted with new screw system that is a finger tension “Click” system.  This system is a very stable and precision made system that allows for very precise tension setting.  This system is tight and precise and will not come loose.  This system comes in stainless steel.  


Sizes: Available in 5.5″

These will come with a handmade leather case




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