Who We Are

Our mission has evolved. We want to show the hair industry that you really can have great scissors and they don't have to cost the earth.

When Quartered Steels first started, many moons ago, we were really small and not many stylists knew us. We liked that. It allowed us time to research the best materials and manufacturers to produce our designs and share our innovative ideas with them. We really did go to the ends of the earth to seek out true quality and we found it ! One of our greatest challenges has been value. We started small, so our order sizes were small. This meant that our prices didnt reflect the value we wanted to give to you, the customer.

Now we've grown up, we have been able to buy so much better! This in turn has allowed us to lower our prices and pass on those savings to you, the customer, without having to compromise on quality. We arent greedy. We didnt start this company to make millions. In fact, we're stylists ourselves and in all honesty, we just wanted quality for our own use. Scissors that had practical applications, an ease of use and carried an edge well.


What Customer Say About Us