You made it ! Finally ! We’re so glad you found us.

You need to look and feel better and it starts here, with your hair.

Apart from your shoes and your smile, your hair is one of the things people notice first about you. So its got to look great on you and make you feel great too. A large percentage of males report that a haircut is the one thing that boosts their mood on a monthly basis and Quarter West want to be a part of that for you !

Investing in a good quality haircut is vital if you value the way you look and the way you feel. All of our barbers here at Quarter West are highly skilled in their trade and will guide you in finding a style that suits you best. They will advise you on what suits your face shape and hair type, find out how you live your life and tailor a style you manage on a day to day basis. You will also be given guidance on styling and product choice to make your morning routine easy and hassle free. But then that’s what you’d expect from Belfasts Best right ?

The Roots To Our Cause

Andrew Mearns

Barber/Stylist, Husband, Father, Dog-Lover and
Andrew has been in the Hair industry longer than he cares to remember.
He is responsible for directing Quarter West and caring for the companies
Service levels. Andrew is overall business manager and his passion
for hair shines through daily.

Jason Montgomery
Senior Barber

Barber/Stylist, Man Utd Fan, Basketball Nut, Chief Statistics officer
for the Premier League (in his own head). Jason has been with Quarter West
since he was 15 years old and knows this business inside out. Delivering quality
service and exceptional haircuts is Jasons mantra. He has helped to shape this
business into what it is today.

Daniel McBride
Senior Barber

Barber/Styist. Surfer. Fashion Addict. Perfectionist.
Daniel came to look for a top team when he returned from his antipodean travels down-under
and found us ! Daniel brings natural flair and confident styling to the team.
We learn everyday from each other and we learn so much from Daniel.

Michael Burns

Barber/Stylist and worlds best ever boyfriend (self proclaimed).
We knew when we first met Michael he won be a superstar and he hasn’t disappointed.
His thirst for learning and naturally high customer service levels due to a brilliant attitude,
has solidified Michael as a firm favourite in the team and also with his clients.
You are in safe hands, rest assured.

Rachel Reyna

Barber/Stylist. Vegan. Animal Lover.
One of our former barbers introduced us to Rachel and we instantly fell in love with her compassion
and enthusiasm. Rachel has completed a large section of her training already and we’re confident in her ability
and so is she. Its great having a female member of our team as we aim to promote equality within our industry.

Better Products - Better Hair