Knowing what type of scissor you need for your own individual needs is not a given. We provide educational seminars where we come along to your salon and impart our knowledge upon you and give you the understanding and education you need to produce the styles that make every cut special and in turn help you access and retain more clients.

See the steel

We are always adding to our collection as we believe that as stylists ourselves, we are always striving for constant improvement. As the industry moves forward, so do we. Here is a selection of scissors that compliment where the movement of the industry is going at present and we update our collection as the trend dictates.

Why we do this

The reason we do this is to make sure that the scissor you have in your hand will do the job you require it to do. Investing in quality tools is something people have done for years. Unfortunately the scissor industry is littered with people selling tools that don’t fit the criteria of the tasks you want them to perform. We aim to offer you the right type of scissor that will suit your individual cutting needs.

Quartered Steels Education

At Quartered Steels we think education is paramount, so we’re now offering courses with some of the best stylists in the business.

Check out what courses we currently have available here

Our Team

Dan Wild

Co-Founder & Sales


Dan oversees and deals with any enquiries with a keen eye. He is the man who will advise, help and educate you in all elements that require a detailed approach.

Andrew Mearns

Co-Founder & Director


Andrew runs our Customer Service team. He deals with any queries you may have regarding deliveries, logistics and web sales.

Roger Óg Mulholland

International Hair Educator (UK)


Roger began in ladies hairdressing, then transitioned into barbering and now has 10 years experience at the age of 25. Trained in classical barbering with his own emphasis on collaborating fundamental hairdressing skills into men’s hair. With several magazine publications, and stage experience at some of the biggest events in hair, Roger is successfully making a name for himself both at home and further afield. He recently travelled N.I. holding key workshops with exceptional feedback from all.

James Williams

International Hair Educator (UK)


James has been in the industry for 10 years, and is an award winning barber (Men’s Stylist of the Year Wales 2016, Best Barbershop Wales 2015, BBA Hall of Fame Judge Choice Winner, Wahl British Barber of the Year Finalist 2016). James is the owner of Jim the Trim barbershop in South Wales and the founder of Autism Barbers Assemble that helps to raise awareness for autism. He is a high believer in education from understanding haircut structure to knowing facial shapes and bone structure.

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